Picture Gallery I

Blue an awesome 6 year old Border Collie/Mix 

Murphy a fun 4 year old Pomeranian/Papillion 

 Abby a 7 year old Lab

 Zeek a wonderful 3 year old Lab/Mix

Miss Pearl the sweetest Mini Poodle

Toby the British Shorthair

 Lilly a 2 year old Beagle

 Commodore the 6 year old playfull kitty

Sam Toby's sister 

 Daisy the cutest Daschund

Missy Girl

 Briggs the sweetest 5 year old Golden Retriever

Callie the 8 year old Lab

Trouble Missy Girl's brother


Titan the 5 year old chocolate Lab 

Cassie the 8 year old

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog 

 Baruch Cassie's brother