Dog owners can reduce the threat of heatstroke by taking some precautions:

1.)  Never leave your dog alone in a car on a hot, humid, sunny day, even with the windows cracked open.  The temperature inside an unventilated car can reach well over 150 degrees within a short time.  A dog confined in the car can expire within 10 minutes.

2.)  Keep the interior of you residence comfortably air-conditioned and/or well ventilated during periods of extreme heat, whether or not you are at home with your dog or away for several hours.  While you are away leave air conditioning on to maintain a moderate temperature.  On cooler days leave a few windows open several inches to create a cross breeze.  Be sure all open windows have screens on them to keep  your dog from escaping.

3.)  Avoid having your dog do too much exercise during the hotest hours of the day.  Be aware that pavement remains hot and the sun's rays remain potent as late as 5:00-6:00 pm.  Do not push your dog if it indicates that it wants to rest.

4.)  Monitor the outdoor temperature and keep your dog out of the sun between noon and 3:00 pm.

5.)  Make sure your dog always has plenty of drinking water whether indoors or outside.  When traveling with your dog take along jugs filled with water so you can stop occassionally and let your dog drink.

6.)  Avoid taking your dog to the beach with you on hot and sunny days.  If you find it absolutely necessary to do so make sure your dog has it's own beach umbrella.  If your dog spends a lot of time in the backyard it should have access to a shady area or protected doghouse.